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– mummy, could you paint a butterfly on my dress?

– of course :), anything else, sweetie? 🙂

– flowers, please!

– how about I make you a beautiful dress with flowers and butterflies on it?

– wonderful, mum!! that would be fantastic!! just remember, it has to be magic and it cannot be itchy.

– you mean, you want the fabric to be soft?

– mum, you’re the best! you sure know what children like best! 🙂 beauty and comfort! 🙂

Having heard the words of my four-year-old daughter, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I decided to conjure up a magical world, full of fantasies and colours that would change with the seasons. Maga is a brand where all creativity is closely associated with a range of timeless and unique design. Being a mum, I know how important it is that our children’s clothes are comfortable, durable and that they also look beautiful. Therefore, Maga has decided to meet the most important criteria that we, the parents, use when choosing clothes for our kids. Superb, original design, beautiful colours, carefully selected high-quality Italian fabrics and excellent construction, altogether create unique products for children. Each item is design in Milan, Italy. As proud as I am of my Polish origins, I have decided that my collection would show elements of Polish art and folklore. My collaboration with Polish artists has resulted in handmade embroidery which are part of nearly every collection, making it extraordinarily unique, elegant and joyful.

Maga is proud to design and manufacture high quality, timeless, classic baby girl clothing for age 3-11. The items are realistic and playful as our daughters. If you don’t find the right size available online, simply write us and we will be happy to help you to realize your wish. 

I am very happy to share with you the experience of creating a magical world.

Magdalena Trzaska

Magdalena Trzaska